How we differ from the competition: The iQKitchen HACCP Plan

How we differ from the competition: The iQKitchen HACCP Plan

HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) is a science-based management system and an internationally recognized food safety system. It has process steps that emphasize a proactive approach to food safety and health. 

Why you need it

The FDA and USDA both require mandatory HACCP systems for juice, meat, and seafood. This is in an effort to uphold a level of food safety and to maintain and protect public health. As of July 2019, both organizations have been heavily and strictly enforcing compliance. 

What is a HACCP plan?

It’s a food safety plan that can be used to control any area that could introduce potential biological, chemical, or physical hazards into the food stream. Whether it be microorganisms, chemicals, or unsafe processes, the plan is designed to prevent and control potential hazards. There are 7 HACCP principles that must be followed. 

How to HACCP

The development and implementation of a plan is not an easy task. There are many verification procedures, monitoring procedures, verification activities and corrective actions that must be considered. Many restaurants and companies will hire a HACCP team to handle the burden of developing and writing a plan. A HACCP plan will cost you roughly $5,000. During this, food safety hazards are disseminated through hazard identification.

Our HACCP Plan

The iQKitchen HACCP Plan is written and implemented by a team of top PhD scientists that understand guidance, support, and operations. Where we differ from the competition is in our quality, technology, and expertise. Our plan is written with the help of automated patented technology used for real time temperature validation.

Where iQKitchen differs

All of our plans have a 100% approval rate. It’s written by top PhD scientists and food safety experts. No other company can make this claim. Unlike other companies, our HACCP plans are updated consistently. 

This ensures that your plan is up to date with changes in compliance, new recipes, and regulations. This level of support cannot be found in our competitors. The support that we provide allows you, the client, to focus on the important tasks for your organization.

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